What to do when you have some time left. Filipinos do not have problems with it. There is so many things they can do.
While waiting for their wifes, these men play some chess.

You can also look for someone to play checkers with. Filipinos call this DAMA.
playing dama, the Filipino checkers

While waiting for your boyfriend or husband, you can also do your nails.
do your nails on the side walk

Eating something is very popular while waiting.
eat something like a snack or chips

This old man is just sitting on the side walk and greets everybody, also gets some money from time to time…

Children like to play, especially when they have a new toy.

Very popular is sleeping,
here on a bike at a non-parking area.

Very comfortable in a hammock.

Feel free to add a comment with your favorite item to pass your free time. Add a picture of it if you like.