stats-sex-in-philippines-3One of the most used search terms on the internet is ‘sex’ or ‘girls’ or even ‘teen sex’ and lots of times in combination with ‘philippines’. In my statistics I can see that, check the pictures on this page.

Last february I wrote a post about the sexual moral in the Philippines and I called the post ‘sex in the philippines’. This page is now one of the most viewed on this website.
stats-sex-in-philippines-2My conclusion is simple: Lots of people are still looking for opportunities to come to the Philippines for sex-tourism. But I must disappoint them, on this website I am not giving them hints or addresses. But it generates lots of page views which is good for my rankings in search engines.

stats-sex-in-philippinesToday I even added a warning on that page:

If you visit this page through search terms as ‘sex’ or ‘girls’ or something like that, you will not find what you are looking for on this website.
You are welcome to see what this website is about, but do not expect to find addresses or pictures where you can find what you look for.

I will see how this developes and maybe it is worth to write a new post about sex tourism (without addresses of course).