Yesterday I wrote about an advertizing sign with wrong spelling. Today I like to write about an advertisement I saw recently in a motel.
Flor and I were attending a wedding in Manila and the reception was held in a hotel. This hotel is also known in Manila as a motel and has many guest rooms or better said appartments with a garage under each appartment. I was allowed to use one of these garages to park our car for the time of being in this hotel.

Maybe I have to explain to some of my readers what the difference is between a hotel and a motel in the Philippines. In the US and Europe there is not much difference between hotels and motels. But in the Philippines hotels are used by tourists and business people to spend the night while visiting the country or a city if they do not have family or friends where they can stay.
A motel in the Philippines is most of the time used by people who want to have sex with eachother, and most of the times it should be kept a secret. Married men and women who have a lover usually go to a motel where they are able to rent a room by the hour. It is also a place where ‘public’ women bring their customers and do their specific business.
But motels are also used by married Filipino couples to enjoy eachothers company for a few hours, especially when their house is small and has only one bedroom and their children are always present. This way they are able to produce even more children…(but that’s worth another blog).

Back to the garage of one of these appartments.

On the back wall of the garage a large advertisement was put which does not need more words.
Funny detail is the sponsoring company of these advertisements. Check here the Bliss website. Many intersting things can be read there.