Our first day of this trip you can find here

Day two, after our breakfast, we drove around again to find the local Mahogany market and other things. You will find Mahogany market: Coming from Rotonda direction Batangas. At the Petron station intersection go to the right and follow this street about 2 km. At your right is the Mahogany market where you can eat a good but simple lunch in one of the many restaurant stalls.

For lunch we went to the Taaleña restaurant to eat some Filipino food. We enjoyed the view from the terrace much more than we enjoyed the food. The food we had was too expensive and the taste not good. We will never come back here.
In the afternoon we went to the highest point of Tagaytay: the Peoples park in the sky. Aside from the view, which is nice, there’s not much to see. taal volcano in its lake The building, a not finished palace, meant to be the staying place for president Ronald Reagan on his visit to the Philippines, but he cancelled the visit because of the unstable situation back in 1983, so the work stopped and the palace was never finished, although the place gives a nice view over Tagaytay from Lake Taal untill Laguna Lake. From this almost rotten building I have no pictures taken. taal volcano in its lake

We drove to the other end of Tagaytay, direction Batangas and suddenly we found a strange name along the road: “Colossian gardens”, we decided to take a look at it and found a nice parc (after a ride over a small 1 km long street) where someone can celebrate a wedding or party in a beautiful garden. For parties there’s a nice large place build in teraces and surrounded by nice gardens and huge trees for shade. Colossian gardens @ Brgy. Neogan 11, Tagaytay City (infront of breakfast at Antonio’s). I found the following information on internet: COLOSSIAN GARDEN Contact Person: Engr. Alex Michael U. Del Rosario (02) 929.3674 / (043) 727.3769 Mobile No: 0917.5045166
flower-vine in colossian garden
As everybody knows my wife is fond of plants and flowers so it was nice to have found it and walk around it. Here we also found a plant with very nice flowers of which we don’t know the name. The gardener was very friendly and gave my wife a piece of the plant to grow in our own garden.

After the garden we drink coffee in a nice café with view on Taal. On the pictures I took you can also see the fish ponds where people grow fish in large net containers floating in the lake. They even have a small house build on the water, near their business. I’m told that a lot of Tilapia and Bangus come from these farms.
fish-pond in lake taalfish-pond in lake taal
For dinner we went again to Buon Giorno, where I was talking about on day 1. This time we ordered a salad again to start and a Prime Rib and Rib-eye for our main course. As expected the meal was excellent again. For desert we ordered a simple ice cream.
After our meal we headed to our hotel for our last night in Tagaytay.
Next morning after breakfast we went to buy pasalubong (presents for those who are left at home). First we went to the Good Shepard Convent, km 47 Aguinaldo High Way (from Rotonda direction Peoples Park in the Sky) to buy Buko pie. They sell lots of local products and the are famous for their Ube jam. On our way home we also wanted to buy some local pineapples which are very sweet and cheap. We bought 7 smaller ones for the price of 6 (total 40 pesos).

Near Silang we also bought a lot of garden plants and a few clay pots to put them in.
On the way home we passed the famous Baclaran Church were my wife wanted to light a candle and at the same time bought some fruits and new t-shirts for me. Around 5 pm we were home again.