Some 95 years ago, January 6, 1915 a boy was born in the Philippines. His parents named him Luciano.
Almost all his life he lived in Pioduran, Albay. He married and got 10 children. All of them have started families of their own and are doing well. He is a great-grand father many times. His health is still OK. Only his sight and his hearing are not good anymore. He still has a good appetite and is moving through the village a lot. Everybody knows him and respects him.
The ‘pater familias’ celebrated his 95th birthday on January 6, 2010.
pay becomes 95

Although I am not able to communicate well with him, I have a lot of respect for him. For this reason I would like to honor him on this website.
During my stay in Pioduran last week I offered him a beer. Normaly he doesn’t drink alcoholic beverages anymore. But this time he made an exemption. For this occasion we have a picture made with the both of us drinking the beer.
pay and me drinking a beer together

Thank you, Pay, for having a lovely daughter: my wife!