HECTIC, …very hectic……

The last few weeks before our departure to the Philippines were very busy. Because we have decided that we wouldn?t ship all our furniture to the PI because they are quit large and heavy items and the costs for shipping was too much. We decided that we would buy new furniture in the PI, more fitting to our new house.

We were selling practically all our furniture and other not urgently needed items through advertising in newspapers and the Internet. We also gave away a lot of items to family and friends.
Smaller items and items we wanted to bring were packed in large boxes for sea shipment. The shipment of the boxes was done by a Dutch-Filipino couple who are running a ‘balikbayan boxes’ service . They run this ‘non profit’ organization to help and support several Philippine organizations. They also have started a children’s home in Cebu, where children live, study and have a better life. All this because of the profits of the balikbayan boxes and their store with a lot of Dutch and European items in Cebu.

The first shipment was picked up mid september and send to PI immediately and the rest was picked up september 28.

You can imagine that, living in an empty house with only a few things, was not easy. Practically all our needed belongings were packed or sold already. We had no bed anymore and were sleeping on an air matres. To sit we only had a few kitchen chairs. The last few days we had practically nothing anymore: no bed, no chairs, no tv, no radio; just 2 plates, 2 glasses, 2 coffee mugs, 2 spoons, 2 forks, 2 knives and two pans to cook our food. Our cat Emily was a bit lost in that empty house. But we still had our laptop and telephone, so we still had contact with the outside world.

Many things still had to be arranged, like bank matters, energy suppliers, insurances and many more. For those things we also went out a lot.

Today September 30 we went to a vacation apartment to live there for a few days untill we will leave to Aalsmeer to spend our last night in Holland. October 1st will be the official deed of sale of our house. So the house must be completely empty and cleaned before the new owner take over the house.
On October 3 we are going to Schiphol Airport, cargo section, to bring our cat Emily. She will come along with us to the Philippines, only a few days after us. A specialized company VCK Live Animal Transport will take care for this part of our move to PI.
We have booked a small hotel in Aalsmeer ‘t Schouwse¬†Hof near Schiphol Airport to spend our last night in Holland and to be at the airport in time to check-in for our flight with Malaysian Airways.

DESTINATION: Manila, Philippines !