church and condom ??

The Philippines has a population of close to 100 million at the moment. Time for the government to fight poverty and to do something at this over population.
President Noynoy Aquino has suggested that the people should do something to plan their families and not to have too many children. Now the catholic church wants to excomunicate the president for these words.

In a country where so many people are jobless and living far under the poverty line, it is these people who have most of the children. In my wanderings around Manila and other parts of the Philippines I am passing streets with poorly build houses in narrow streets and along the rivers and creeks of this city. It is in these neighbourhoods that you see many children playing in the streets, poorly dressed, or not dressed at all. The streets are filled with garbage, broken sidewalks and so on. It is in these neighbourhoods that birth control should be practised and thought. But the lack of education and the general believe that the children after growing up will take care of the parents is making it very difficult. Many men are still macho’s in these areas. If a woman has to spread her legs for him, she is affraid to refuse, and they do not have money to buy condoms or other contraceptives.
It is good that the government has plans to provide them now. Read HERE


exerpt from Global Nation Inquirer:

In fact, while the Catholic hierarchy sees the condom as a device that denies life, it actually does the opposite. For in a country like the Philippines, poverty kills. Poverty humiliates. And any program that could help end, or even just ease it, should be welcomed.
But that’s not how these men in robes see it, and it sounds like they may even be willing to go to war over this belief.
“Aahhh… We will exhaust all peaceful means,” said the head of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines who strongly suggested that the church may excommunicate P-Noy in a radio interview as reported in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The one good thing about this new skirmish over condoms is that P-Noy, who has had a pretty rough ride in the first three months of his presidency, is showing his bold, decisive self on a critical social issue. Certainly, the threat of excommunication must be disturbing for a devout Catholic like Noynoy. But it’s already clear that he can count on many allies who are now rallying to his side.
In other words, for P-Noy, boldness has paid off.

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