written tagalog, a long time ago, click on the picture to learn more about it

written tagalog, a long time ago, click on the picture to learn more about it

Tagalog is one of the official languages in the Philippines. Most people however are using a mixture of tagalog and English called TAGLISH. Filipinos also have the habbit of using English words but pronounce it and write it the filipino way.
For example: karwas = carwash; imbestigador = investigator
One of the local TV stations has now a new show called: WANSAPANATAYM. I haven’t watched the show yet, but it was advertised as one of their new shows.
To understand the Philippine people better and to make them laugh at foreigners it is advised to learn some of their complicated language.
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Recently I found more interesting sites to learn Tagalog. They have podcast sound fragments to learn how to pronounce it as well.

and his new site kalyespeak very good !!


and for adults only putanginamo-com-show

Enjoy learning and understanding this beautifull but complicated language.