Pioduran 2011 report #1

Pioduran 2011 report #1

Hi everybody, This is a direct report from Pioduran Albay. Yesterday we have celebrated the 96th birthday of my father in law. Already early in the morning two pigs were butchered to serve as the meal for all family and guests. One of the two was prepared as Lechon, grilled above charcoal and filled with(…)

beautiful Pioduran, Albay

While walking in the surroundings of Pioduran, Albay, I have taken some shots from the beautiful scenery. Pioduran is situated on the westcoast of the province Albay. Pioduran is situated in a valley with lots of rice fields and coconut and banana plantations on the slopes of the surrounding hills. Check the picture show, click

hazardous waste controlled area

Walking in Pioduran, you can see that there’s a lot of work to do for the government, national but also local. The town is a 4th class community. Behind one of the local hospitals I noticed this sign: It is a warning that bio-hazardous waste is dumped there. I was wondering what kind of waste(…)

beauty parlor in Pioduran, Albay

When I was walking through Pioduran and surroundings I suddenly spotted this sign along the road. As you can see on the picture, there’s nothing else too see than trees and bushes. But there was a small path under the sign, which lead to the beauty parlor with that name. :yes: ?:-)

loaded jeepney

From Pioduran, Albay jeepneys are going in the direction of Ligao. After Ligao they continue to Legaspi, Tabaco or Polangui. It is a ride of about 40 kms through the mountains. There are not that many jeeps but a lot of passengers.

electronic chicken

e-mail means electronic mail e-commerce is electronic commerce e-load is getting electronic load on your cell phone. So e-chicken is electronic chicken ??

birthday celebration in Pioduran #2

During the afternoon and evening we had contact with some nieces who are living in Holland through Yahoo Messenger. In this way they had the feeling that they were included in the party too.

birthday celebration in Pioduran

Last January 6, my father-in-law and myself were celebrating our birthday. Pay (as my father in law is called by us) was born in 1915 so he became 95. Myself I was born in 1950 and celebrated my 60th birthday on January 7. A big party was organized by my wife and her siblings.

Pioduran, Albay (Bicol)

This post I am writing directly from Pioduran Albay. The hometown of my in-laws. This is the place where my father-in-law lives with his youngest daughter and her family. It’s also the place where we are staying right now.