Some time ago I wrote already about the fact that copyright is something a Filipino doesn’t honor that much. They like to copy everything. See my posts about McDonalds versus Jollybee and others. And my post about prints on t-shirts number 1.

This time I will show you more t-shirt prints where they have used logo’s from well known brands but give it a twist with their own texts. All from today are with a religious text. And I found them in one single outlet in a mall. All their shirts had a religious text so I think that the owner wanted to have his place in heaven secured.

Enjoy them.  Click on one of them to see a larger version. Excuses if the pictures are not very clear, but I took them all from behind glass.

google burger-king 24-7 deal-or-no-deal
fbi intel-inside sprite under-construction
you-tube various02 various01 dead-end