When you are planning to move to the Philippines, or you have already and are enjoying the life as an Expat in the Philippines, you probably like a good working internet connection. In most cities it is not really a problem, dsl is widely available through the telephone line or through tv cable. There is even mobile dsl from Smart. Costs are different, and are depending on the download speed you have. Around 1 Mb is a normal speed at acceptable price. Do not expect very high-speed like 6 Mb or more like in some western countries. This kind of speed is only available at very high prices for large companies and hospitals.

strong Internet in remote areas in the Philippines

But, and now comes the essence of today’s story, maybe you have decided to live on a remote island or in one of the rural areas in the Philippines, or maybe on a nice boat traveling continuously between the more than 7000 islands, where even electricity is not available. Yet you like to have your internet.

Maybe you were prepared already to accept the fact that there’s no internet in that place. NOT NECESSARY…. There are still possibilities for you. There is strong Internet in remote areas in the Philippines.
The solution is Satellite Internet. If there is no electricity you have to take care for it by purchasing a generator or solar panels. A little expensive maybe, but YOU choose this location, didn’t you ? After that is taken care for you might want to contact a specialized company to take care for your Satellite Internet connection.

On the pdf file, which I included in this post you may find a few options of which one might suit your needs. The quote was done to me, but I think prices will not vary that much if you live on a remote location.
Gigapass quote right-click to save it to your computer.

It is not a cheap solution, but not everything is cheap in the Philippines… ;-)
If you are interested in this offer, do not contact me but contact the person on the quote.

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Internet in remote areas
there's now internet in remote areas, so if you live on a remote island or in one of the rural areas in the Philippines read on...