hardwearMany Filipinos speak some English and a few know to express themselves very well in this second official language of the Philippines.
Writing English is another thing. I have posted already several times about the way Filipinos are advertizing their shops or write in English.
This time I found a Cell Phone repair shop who wants to do all kinds of repairs on these generally used small devices.
They even want to fix the hardwear or the softwear of the cell phone.
We all know what they mean, but it shows again that spelling is not the strongest point of the Filipino. Why they are not more carefull in it? They just write it the way they hear it.

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One more example:
Recently a new movie has been released. It has the very well-known bakla Vice Ganda in the leading role and although I haven’t seen the picture, I think it is a Filipino version of the movie Private Benjamin with Goldy Hawn from 1980. The title of this Filipino movie is: “Praybeyt Benjamin”.
You can see a trailer HERE.
Although the storyline is completely different, the Filipinos have copied the title, put a ‘semi-female’ in the leading role, made a few similar hilarious shots while training the soldiers, and maybe they stole more from the original movie.