Like so many countries, the Philippines also has a NON-SMOKING policy. In public places (restaurants, shopping malls etc.) it is not allowed to smoke.
Large warnings on every pack of smokes, that you will get cancer, or it affects the fertility and so on, are to discourage people to smoke. On the other hand they allow children to smoke (maybe not officially, but still…) and to sell cigarettes in the streets.

As you know my wife and I frequently visit the public market in Marikina City. It was there where I spotted a new sign against smoking. The sign was pasted against a post. Later I have seen several more of them on different spots in the market streets.
After a few minutes looking around, as I usually do, I spotted a car coming. Immediately I took my camera and made a picture of it.
Funny is that on the front there is an add from Marlboro but on the door a warning from the government written. When the car was gone in the usual cloud of smoke (it drove too fast to take one more shot) I had my own thoughts……about smoking and smoke in general.