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stoutmeisje_02It seems that the moral of people in the Philippines gets loser every day. Nowadays you see a lot of very young girls and young ladies being pregnant or having children already. This means that children have sex on a young age or get married very young.
When I visited the Philippines for vacations some years ago, this was something which didn’t exist much. Sex and all visual expressions of it were Taboo. It is even not allowed today to bring Playboy magazines to the Philippines because it is seen as porn. Recently a scandal was revealed because a well known plastic surgeon taped his sexual adventure with an actress on video. This video was published on You-Tube and the issue was a headline on TV for weeks. Filipinos make a big story of things like this and at the same time many Filipino men have extramarital relations in the open. This is seen as a part of Filipino culture. Recently a TV show was broadcasted in which a family was shown and the mistress of the man was also living in the same house. Something like this would be impossible in Europe or America. Maybe because there is no divorce law in the Philippines (but that is an other issue I like to write about soon).

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When it is about sex, the Philippines is a country which likes to be the the best boy in class, just like the US. It is a scandal if a nipple is shown on TV, but behind the doors and also in the open prostitution is widely accepted and practiced. I think this is a form of hypocrisy: if you close your eyes you do not see it, so it doesn’t exist. I think it is better to speak about it in the open and make some things legal. It can only benefit the government and be taxed. It will also benefit the people of the Philippines if a divorce law would be implemented. The existing anulment or other laws about this are way too expensive for ordinary people. There should be better education to young adults about having sex and the risks involved. I am sure that most of the sex education is given in the streets: one young adult telling the other. Parents do not tell their children about it because it is still taboo. They are also thinking that it is the government who is responsible for it.

Quiet a difference it was in Marcos’s time and the years before that. During those years many nude movies were made here and shown in cinema’s. A little later all these movies were forbidden and so called ‘nude’ bars were closed in the Malate area and other areas of the Philippines. In the same time people with money could afford to have mistresses, some even have more than one and also have children with them.

At the moment you can see more places where it is ‘allowed’ to do something in this kind of industry. I do not know if it is allowed by law or just tolerated with paying bribe money to the local government. Fact is that it is done more and more. The fact that it is not allowed to sell or import magazines like Playboy (official law) is still effective, although one can buy these magazines on every street corner so to speak.

In the olden days, when the US still had their military bases active in the Philippines, many bars and clubs could be found around these bases. At the moment still a number of clubs exist there but due to much lesser clients many have been closed. These places nowadays are mostly frequented by tourists who visit the Philippines for the cheap sex industry, even to have sex with minors. This type of industry officialy is forbidden but due to the widely spread corruption many businesses still are open as usual. From time to time a foreigner is been arrested for this kind of crimes but in my opinion not enough yet.

In Quezon City I spotted a club named ‘Stoutmeisje’. I guess the owner is a Dutch speaking person because the meaning of the name is:  ‘naughty girl’  in Dutch. On the picture you can see that he is advertising also for Sogo hotels, a chain of hotels where you can rent a room for just a few hours. (do I need to say more?)

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Although the Catholic Church is against it, in many stores condoms are widely available. And what you also can see these days are shops with seductive underwear. A few days ago I found a store in Cubao displaying sexy panties in the window.

Also in Cubao I spotted a sign from a probably desparate woman who wanted to have food in stead of sex. See the post no sex but food to read and see the picture and the comments from readers.

What I wrote here is not a complete story, just a few thoughts. Many more could have been said here about it. So your reactions are very welcome. If you have experiences also mention them, but please without being vulgar. And some links to certain websites might be removed as well. I like to keep this website clean.