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stoutmeisje_02It seems that the moral of people in the Philippines gets loser every day. Nowadays you see a lot of very young girls and young ladies being pregnant or having children already. This means that children have sex on a young age or get married very young.
When I visited the Philippines for vacations some years ago, this was something which didn’t exist much. Sex and all visual expressions of it were Taboo. It is even not allowed today to bring Playboy magazines to the Philippines because it is seen as porn. Recently a scandal was revealed because a well known plastic surgeon taped his sexual adventure with an actress on video. This video was published on You-Tube and the issue was a headline on TV for weeks. Filipinos make a big story of things like this and at the same time many Filipino men have extramarital relations in the open. This is seen as a part of Filipino culture. Recently a TV show was broadcasted in which a family was shown and the mistress of the man was also living in the same house. Something like this would be impossible in Europe or America. Maybe because there is no divorce law in the Philippines (but that is an other issue I like to write about soon).

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When it is about sex, the Philippines is a country which likes to be the the best boy in class, just like the US. It is a scandal if a nipple is shown on TV, but behind the doors and also in the open prostitution is widely accepted and practiced. I think this is a form of hypocrisy: if you close your eyes you do not see it, so it doesn’t exist. I think it is better to speak about it in the open and make some things legal. It can only benefit the government and be taxed. It will also benefit the people of the Philippines if a divorce law would be implemented. The existing anulment or other laws about this are way too expensive for ordinary people. There should be better education to young adults about having sex and the risks involved. I am sure that most of the sex education is given in the streets: one young adult telling the other. Parents do not tell their children about it because it is still taboo. They are also thinking that it is the government who is responsible for it.

Quiet a difference it was in Marcos’s time and the years before that. During those years many nude movies were made here and shown in cinema’s. A little later all these movies were forbidden and so called ‘nude’ bars were closed in the Malate area and other areas of the Philippines. In the same time people with money could afford to have mistresses, some even have more than one and also have children with them.

At the moment you can see more places where it is ‘allowed’ to do something in this kind of industry. I do not know if it is allowed by law or just tolerated with paying bribe money to the local government. Fact is that it is done more and more. The fact that it is not allowed to sell or import magazines like Playboy (official law) is still effective, although one can buy these magazines on every street corner so to speak.

In the olden days, when the US still had their military bases active in the Philippines, many bars and clubs could be found around these bases. At the moment still a number of clubs exist there but due to much lesser clients many have been closed. These places nowadays are mostly frequented by tourists who visit the Philippines for the cheap sex industry, even to have sex with minors. This type of industry officialy is forbidden but due to the widely spread corruption many businesses still are open as usual. From time to time a foreigner is been arrested for this kind of crimes but in my opinion not enough yet.

In Quezon City I spotted a club named ‘Stoutmeisje’. I guess the owner is a Dutch speaking person because the meaning of the name is:  ‘naughty girl’  in Dutch. On the picture you can see that he is advertising also for Sogo hotels, a chain of hotels where you can rent a room for just a few hours. (do I need to say more?)

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Although the Catholic Church is against it, in many stores condoms are widely available. And what you also can see these days are shops with seductive underwear. A few days ago I found a store in Cubao displaying sexy panties in the window.

Also in Cubao I spotted a sign from a probably desparate woman who wanted to have food in stead of sex. See the post no sex but food to read and see the picture and the comments from readers.

What I wrote here is not a complete story, just a few thoughts. Many more could have been said here about it. So your reactions are very welcome. If you have experiences also mention them, but please without being vulgar. And some links to certain websites might be removed as well. I like to keep this website clean.

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  1. This is in no way meant to rationalize or provide an excuse, but it would seem that the changes you described under the topic of the moral of people in the Philippines getting loser everyday closely parallels the increasing pervasiveness of poverty. From USAID:

    “Poverty is a significant problem, and in combination with high income inequality, it poses a serious threat to stability in the Philippines. The proportion of the population living below US$1.25 a day in 2006 was 23 per cent or around 20 million people. At the same time, about 44 per cent or over 40 million Filipinos were living on less than US$2 a day. While the Philippines was able to reduce poverty incidence from as high as 30 per cent in the early 1990s, the actual number of people living in poverty has increased over the last two decades. The global food and fuel price crises in 2007 and 2008, and the global economic crisis that followed, are estimated to have pushed even more people into poverty.”

  2. My fiancee, her brother, and I were kicked out of a love hotel close to the Mall of Asia. We didn’t know it was a sex hotel until we went inside the room and saw the “amenities!” We were told by an employee that having 3 people inside the same room was against the rules! They also said they didn’t cater to same sex couples either. We left and hotel and ended up checking into another hotel infested with cockroaches :-)

    • and this sex hotel didn’t have any roaches??
      I love those little creatures, even in my bed. For sure I will not go there…..
      And if they do not like 3-somes…… it’s their choice.

  3. I differ with most people here; I found this blog post I couldn’t stop until I finished, even though it wasn’t just what I had been searching for, was still a nice read though. I will instantly get your blog feed to stay in touch of any updates.

  4. I guess its time the church stop dipping its fingers on government affairs, obviously our laws needs updates in order to catch up with changing moral values of Philippine society.

    • The problem is that Filipinos are more interested in religion than politics. And that has to change. If Filipinos do not listen to the church anymore, this country will make more progress.

      • “If Filipinos do not listen to the church anymore, this country will make more progress”

        On the aspect of running State affairs, i would totally agree to this.

  5. It is not as simple as we sitting in our luxurious homes and judge them, point fingers at them. Poverty is the real culprit and all the problems like prostitution go with it. Compare that to our own problems of prostitution and sex with minor here in America. It is rampant and we do not have problems like starvation, we have welfare and programs to help teens. Lots of it is related to our appetite for drugs. Countries like Thailand, Philippines have sex for sale because there is a demand from US and other western people. US military bases are the biggest clients in the past and present. So I am not sure what author is suggesting as a solution. They are just like us hypocrite and will not acknowledge the problem. every scandal related to a celebrity, politician is over blown in media here like we are the purest society.

    • Andy, You might be right.
      Poverty might be a reason, but not the only reason. As long as it is normal for a Filipino to have a mistress or sometimes more than one it will not change. Aside from that, the Philippine government should implement a good divorce law. Sex tourism should be banned especially when children are involved.
      But more important keep the church out of the government and the government should do what they have to do: educate the poor better, provide a good birth control and the like. I am just an observer and I write about what I see and think about some of those important things in this society.

  6. I disagree about the bases being the cause behind prostitution. If your rationale were correct then it would apply to all areas in vicinity of bases. Its just not true. It’s by and far an economic issue. I have been to bases were this type of industry is non exisitent.

    • Jim,
      Maybe not near the base, but in the town near by there is a lot. All military bases (especialy American) have a large area with bars, nightclubs and motels. And not only in the Philippines, it is all over the world.
      Second point is that it has an economic reason: of course. The women need money to live and feed their families.

    • Jim commented: ” …. I disagree about the bases being the cause behind prostitution. If your rationale were correct then it would apply to all areas in the vicinity of bases…”

      And the United States is currently in Libya for “humanitarian” reasons .. . right? Gosh I hate to burst your bubble since you appear to be in denial that our wonderful country exports anything less than Democracy.

      It’s time to wake up Jim. There was virtually no organized sex industry in the Philippines until the US Military arrived in Leyte in 1944.

      Likewise we (USA) also can be credited for the same admirable influence on other regional countries like Korea & Japan for example.

      If we really get into the “nitty gritty” and go outside the Asian Pacific region, I would submit the count of influenced nations would number between 50 & 75 as out war machine has been in continual motion, driven by economics (not ideology), and has never once been dismantled after a conflict since FDR was President in 1933.

      Just google the UCLA Senior thesis titled: “Sex in the company of Soldiers” … Author Eyla Filler.

      I think you will find it quite revealing and perhaps it will open your eyes to the just one of the “unintended consequences” of waging war for capitalism and in the name of humanity.

      Having once lived in the PI for many years (non military) I can attest that this is a huge issue and an entire generation of Filipina has been corrupted from what once was a very traditional and religious culture. I guess that’s makes the US the big Satan and it’s rather difficult to dispute given the realities on the ground (so to speak).

      Yes it is despicable, but it’s all about owning (and indebting) the world so I guess it is considered acceptable collateral damage by our inspired leaders and their International Corporate Banker owners.

      Personally, I am embarrassed and ashamed to realize the negative influence our “presence” creates on 3rd World Countries. It’s hard to imagine they are any better off AFTER we save them, than before we intervened.

      Even more disillusioning is the fact that most of the 307,000,000 Americans in this country actually believe we are doing God’s work with our Military.

      4 letter word comes to mind … “SHAM”

      • I totally agree with this.
        And I am affraid the same is happening in countries like Irak, Iran and more where the US soldiers and other Nato soldiers are present. It is the new government in those countries who can stop it, but only after the foreign soldiers have gone.
        The same in Ageles, in the Philippines. The industry has minimalised once the US has gone from the base. It is now the sex tourism which keeps it alive. Once this is regulated the problem will be solved.

        • Thanks for the affirmation Jan.

          I differ slightly with your assessment however in that the sex trade industry in the PI is worse than ever due the proliferation of the internet.

          In this case, web cam sex sites are now exploiting thousands of pinay, many younger than 18. In this corrupt scheme, the local managers of the girls skim a cool 75% to 90% off the top (Web site hosting claims the first 50%), and pay the on-line girls as little as 2 peso per minute when they are engaged with a paying customer. They pay these girls only enough to assure they must “show up” for work the next day rendering their future to that of an indentured servant. And the girls???? They are grateful to have work. The ultimate manipulation and exploitation. It’s criminal grrrrrrrrr!

          This in turn creates a significant increase in the sex tourism, and the need for local hot (meeting) spots is no longer as prevalent since the meeting place now is prearranged and performed online.

          This +Billion $$/Peso sex industry remains untaxed, and the profits of this exploitation are serving only the few (criminals) and not the many (poor masses) … so typical in the Philippines corrupt hierarchy of bribes and protected services.
          This is not an indictment of PI Government. I would rather live in a known corrupt country and in one that lies about it’s true intention under the guise of spreading freedom.
          It’s the exact opposite of what they claim.

          • internet sex industry is a complete different thing, I think. Although the women working in it are paid very little.
            But this you find all over the world, not only in the Philippines.

  7. Easier said than done. Its easy to say that Filipino’s should stop listening to church and start focusing more on politics… It’s in the nature of filipinos to be religious and the church has a say on whatever issues. That is why no matter how hard we try to convince them to open their eyes, stil they cAnt do anything because the church has a part in controlling different issues.

    • The church should not middle with politics, let them handle spiritual issues only.
      Condoms and pills are not allowed? well do THEY take care for the many children born and abandoned in this country? No they don’t.
      And they do not agree in a divorce law: Do they support the single woman with children and do they support the many children born out of wedlock? NO the church doesn’t do that.
      The church is NOT helping the people, the church is keeping them affraid and advise them to vote for the wrong administration !! And this is my opinion.

  8. I know this is a big reason why foreigners come to Philippines, but I find the filipino idea of sex absolutely decadent. Anyone sleeps with anyone, has kids, meanwhile the guy moves on, the girl does not marry, does not have any abortion, no one uses condoms and voila – you have another single parent mother.

    This is common – among Filipinos – so I don’t think foreigners are the reason for this. Hence I doubt if the bases were the reason for this.

    On the other hand, you are right about the prostitution industry being here due to the bases. As is obvious from what I have written above, there would have been no reason for prostitution for Filino men, when they get it for free! (Sorry to be brutally honest).

    Even now, Clark / Angeles is FULL of girlie bars. The bases have gone, but the decadent idea about sex prevalent amongst Filipinos (through their wierd interpretation that being catholic = producing n number of children before / after marriage = religious ) has enabled this idea to continue. Hence now instead of Americans, we have Korean and Japanese tourists who come here for the same reason that US troops came in the 70s – R&R.

    What I find downright sad is that NO ONE appears to be least bothered about this. They find nothing wrong in it. Sad for a race which otehrwise has among the highest levels of resilience that I have seen.

  9. Jan:
    When I first started reading your blog sometime ago, you had already written and published several writings by that time. Since then (as time permits me) I have been going back and reading your older articles. Today I read this one, and I must say it is most interesting. I have to admit that some of the stuff that goes on in the Philippines is comical (some stuff here in America is, too). But whenever I read about their (Philippine) sex laws, it usually leaves me scratching my head and saying to myself, “What”?! I think most anyone who has some knowledge about the Philippines, is aware that there exists “sex on the side” (my term), prostitution, sex for personal favors, even sex for visa to the west. Probably even more hilarious is the fact that many of those who engage in these types of behavior are regular church attendees. The Catholic Church wields power and influence in the Philippines. And I’m convinced that the hierarchy in the Catholic Church there in the Philippines is the mastermind behind most of the double-standard (talk out both sides of the month at the same) laws/rules concerning sex. I’m married to a Filipino, and her father stopped attending church years ago because of some hanky-panky priest. I’m not saying (nor implying) that all priests are bad. All priests are not bad. I’m saying I believe bad religion is behind a-lot of the two-faces of the sex laws/rules in the Philippines. Make a law that says something is illegal, and that which is illegal will bring in more money under the table at the local level. We all know this is true anywhere in the world.

    • Educate and educate …provide upward mobility…people take advantage of these human beings coz of poverty. People need jobs and to survive and live….anything else said or emplied is wrong…place to live and food and decent jobs….is the answer …..only answer but then some tourism would be damaged….I’m right and my answer is the right path…..

  10. America perhaps will spend some money again. Meaning possible bases to be reopened and perhaps one made….absolute power corrupts absolutely…..meaning the hands are out and expecting to be filled. I commend the truth and upfront reporting. I appreciate you and your job. You are a hero of the people…the point I’m talking about is. … There is no quick solution. But instead if this happened a to be true about America…. Spend some of the money into educating the people…sure some will continue….but if they have family or can help another before entering that life. Then it would be worth it…we will not be able to stop it…don’t be ignorant…they would find other ways. Which will become dangerous to people. President F. Marcus God Bless him and his family. Sure sure I know about money and shoes….I believe eventually would of done right by the people. I’m a Filipino and proud of that fact. The problem is someone or some people would begin to hate. Probably try to do something uncivilized…..but to educate would help the needy and have a better life. After all isn’t that what we are trying to do with each one of our lives………God Bless Everyone!.