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Tropical countries usually have only two seasons: the wet season and the dry season.
The Philippines has also different seasons. Many people are laughing about it and say there are 3 seasons:
the rainy season, the hot season, and the very hot season. Some people might say that the typhoon season is number 4.
At the moment (december) is is the coolest time of the year. The sun is in the southern hemisphere and standing much lower at noon. Daytime is shorter by about half to one hour compared to the hot season. Night temperatures (early morning) can go as low as 18 degrees Celsius. But the moment the sun starts shining it goes up fast to a comfortable 25 to 30, depending on the weather (sunny or not).

I would like to compare the weather in this time of the year to a good summer in Northern Europe. Lots of sunshine with a shower from time to time and temperatures good for our white skins.
Actually December and January are the best months for foreigners to visit the Philippines. December might be a lesser month because of the (much heavier than usual) traffic in this month. Temperature wise though, these are the best months to visit. December most airplanes to the Philippines are loaded with Filipinos going home to spend Christmas with their family. For that reason flight tickets are more expensive this month.

Christmas season is known for higher prices in the market for food. Prices of chicken and pork going up with 30 to 50%. Vegetables and fruits the same: 10 to 30%.
Shopping malls are loaded with people buying Christmas gifts for their families. The Philippines is considered a poor country, but when you see the long lines in supermarkets and the many goods they buy, you might think that the Philippines is a very rich country.

For those who are living in this beautifull country: do not forget to tip your mailman, the garbage collectors, the sefety guards of your subdivision and others who are expecting a (financial) Christmas gift from you!

Maligayang Pasko!!