screw it in the Philippines

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screw-itWhen I first saw the name of this store in the Philippines I started to laugh at the ingenuity of Filipinos to find a name for their business. I wrote already a few times about this name giving thing in the Philippines.
Remember Mang Donald for newly opened fast food restaurant? See the Mang Donald post, or the Brad Pitt name use, or Copyrights a farce?.
But it is not always copying names. Filipinos also invent sometimes funny names for their businesses.
Along Tuazon Ave in Cubao you can find this hardware store selling all kinds of screws, bolts and nuts. If they do other things than selling screws I do not know.

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    • Hi Marvin,
      You probably do not understand my reason for posting this picture.
      I do not sell any screw. Read the story (again) and you will understand.