salcedo-market Every Saturday morning until 2 PM a market is held in Salcedo Village, Makati. The market is known among many foreigners, especially those living in the area.
There are several stands where one can buy fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, fresh fish and other items. Many sellers are offering freshly cooked food. European, American and of course Filipino foods are widely available. Almost all food can be consumed at the spot because in the center of the market -under the large trees- several tables are placed to sit and eat.

salcedo-market-2 large-shrimps-at-salcedo lechon-2 handicraft

Many of those stalls offer free tasting of their specialties. I have noticed that several stalls are owned by foreigner people who like to do something with their spare time and started growing ‘foreign’ vegetables or cooking foreign food. Some of them do this professionally. They offer their products in this market.
playground-salcedoThe prices of the goods are above normal prices compared to most supermarkets and wet markets in the Philippines. On the other hand most of the products are sold by the owners themselves and are fresher than sold elsewhere in the city.
If you never tasted roasted suckling pig Filipino style, this is the place to taste it. There are several stalls offering it. There’s even one who is (was) offering roasted young cow.
The market opens around 7 AM and closes at 2 PM. To find a parking space might be difficult after 9 AM.
You can easily bring your children (and eventually their Nanny or Yaya). Next to the market is a nice and safe playground. I’ve seen several yaya’s watching the children play. They all seemed to have fun.

On Sundays a similar market is held along Legaspi Street, also in Makati. This market is a little smaller and has a smaller variety of goods. Also this market is visited by many foreigners.

roasted-chestnuts large-burger lechon-baka


Have fun at the market !!
After visiting the market it might be a good idea to visit one of the malls in Makati. During weekends they are not that busy, restaurants have special weekend promo’s and more.