This post I am writing directly from Pioduran Albay. The hometown of my in-laws. This is the place where my father-in-law lives with his youngest daughter and her family. It’s also the place where we are staying right now.
It is fun staying here because whole day family is passing by and going again. It is a lively house. No dull moments.
I do not have that much time to work on this blog, and aside from that I do not have the right facilities to publish pictures. The computer I am using is slow and doesn’t have the right software to do some photoshopping. Internet is slow, and we have experienced a few brown-outs already the last few days. One lasted for several hours. On such moments I enjoy staying in the province: No loud music, no karaoke. Just a tricycle passing by every now and then.
There’s not much roosters in this neighborhood, so I can sleep wel and a little late in the morning.
When I walk in the street, many children come to me and offer their hand to bless. This is a common thing in the Philippines. It shows that the person is respecting you.
Many children from the village know me already and see me as a lolo. For that reason they want to do the blessing ritual.

We were planning to go to Legaspi to do some business and to see if I could make a few nice pictures of Mayon Volcano, but the weather is not nice. It is a complete grey sky and showers from time to time. The moment it is clear I go out and bring my camera to try to shoot nice pics.
Coming sunday we will go back to Manila. I hope that the weather is good for travelling another almost 600 kms. And that I will be able to shoot a few nice landscape pictures.
I will post more next week about this week in Pioduran.