For the fourth time a very nice Fireworks festival will be organized in the capital region in the Philippines. The place where it all will happen is Manila bay, near the Mall of Asia. While music plays, the competitors take care that the fireworks are following the rhythm and show emotion.

The Philippine International Pyromusical Competition is a prestigious one, as young as it is. Many factories from all over the world would like to join, but only few places are available.
This annual event will put on a never-before-seen spectacle of lights and colors where the night sky and sea meet as staged by the world’s leading pyrotechnic experts. This competition will not only paint the Manila sky with brilliant bursts of vivid color, but will also be the venue to showcase the emerging artistry and evolving sophistication of Filipino fireworks technology.

The restaurants on the bay side of the mall offer special menus with the opportunity to see one or more shows. The best you inform at your favorite restaurant in advance. But there are also tickets available for places on the boulevard. If you want to buy your tickets (or vouchers) in advance go to the Ensogo website
As always it will be loaded, every night. So if you intend to go there with own transport, come early so you can still find parking space. Or maybe better, use public transport, but expect it to be difficult to go home again because of the many passengers. An event like this attracts thousands of people from all over the region, so be prepared!
And as always in places where many people come together:
be aware of pickpockets ;-)

This year’s program is:
( subject to possible change)
(some factory names have links to their websites)

Check also their Facebook page
Below you will see a few pictures from the preparations of last year’s show. It gives you a good idea of how such show is made. They are preparing large pontoons and place them on a safe distance from the shore where they ignite the fireworks electronically using a computer program. If the technicians have connected the right wires on the right ignition points and the computer does what it is programmed for, you sure will have a nice show to watch.
Click on a picture to see a larger one.

Article Name
Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2013
On six Saturdays in February and March 2013, twelve international fireworks manufacturers will compete in the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. The place to see this: Near the Mall of Asia, above the sea.