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When you are visiting the Philippines for vacation, visiting family or just when you are in Manila, I have a perfect hang-out place for you.
Women like shopping, most men do not. Like most men I hate to go shop-in and shop-out all the time and just have to wait. I like to sit somewhere while my wife is shopping, reading a newspaper or just watch people. At Market-Market in Fort Bonifacio there is a large open market, shopping center and eating area. The place I tell you about here is outside in the open shopping area.
There is a small place to buy a perfect freshly brewed coffee, and many (most Filipino) food stalls.

Sitting there, enjoying my coffee, watching people passing by (among them many beautiful Filipinas) and listening to the soft and nice music of a Band of Blinds. They play lots of Filipino music, but also evergreens. I can spend hours there, and do not mind if my wife is shopping for a long time and spend (too much) money.
The place is cool enough because it is a little windy, and covered by a high roof. So no direct sun and the wind plays around a little. The coffee place I marked with a red arrow, so you can find it easily.
I hope you enjoy the place as much as I do every time I am at Market-Market.

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