Many Filipinos are afraid to get nomophobia these days.
Modern times require modern utensils for daily use, and many of those modern utensils cannot be missed a single day once you are used to them.
For this reason Nomophobia is the most feared phobia in the Philippines.
But, you will ask me, where does the nomo stand for in nomophobia? Well, it’s easy: No Mobile !!

Mobile phones are the most popular gadgets in the Philippines. Everybody has one, even little children going to school. Many people even have two or more cell phones or are using cell phones which can hold more than 1 SIM-card.
For the same reason you will find loading stations in many restaurants like McDo of Jollybee or any other fast food restaurant frequented by Filipinos.
One of the most stolen gadgets are cell phones.
How many cell phone repair stores do you see everywhere? How many stores to buy second-hand cell phones or cell phone gadgets?
At the moment more than 70 million cell phones are in use in the Philippines.

A few facts:
1979 the first cell phone invented
1985 first text messages send through GSM
1988 first digital cell phone
1990 the internet was established
2007 iPhone

Communication is very important for people to get well in the world, to make a living or even to stay alive. Communication can be in two ways: one-sided like TV and Radio broadcasts or through newspapers and books to inform the people, and it can be two-way communication.
This two-way communication we all use every day. We speak to each other, we use e-mail, and we use telephone. And about the last communication utensil is this post.

texting and calling cellphone repair more fun in the philippines

When there were no cell phones yet, people were using the landline telephone if available, and otherwise they did not communicate on other ways than talking to each other after they got home or meet each other. That time people also wrote letters to each other.
Today the most important thing in the life of a Filipino is their cell phone. They need to have a cell phone, and many people even have more than one or one of the latest models which can have two or three sim cards.
They carry their cell phone whole day in their hands, and are checking every few minutes if they have received a message, because messaging is what Filipinos do. They call it texting. In Europe and America it’s called SMS, but in the Philippines it is just text. The Philippines is considered the TEXT capital in the world.
Try to contact a company through email, 99% you will never get an answer, but try to send a text message through cell phone, and within 5 minutes they are answering.