orange crowd watching OUR men

Today I will put myself on a special diet. It will be all ORANGE of color.

You might ask : Why?  The answer is simple:  I am Dutch,  from Holland,  The Netherlands. And today our National Football team has to beat Brasil in the quarter finales at the World Championship Football in South Africa.
Our national color in this kind of events is ORANGE. That’s why……

When I am at the table for dinner tonight and while sitting in front of the TV, I will be dressed in Orange Shorts and T-shirt. Even my underwear is orange. I decided not to publish pictures of myself in this dress because it’s not decent enough to show here (LOL), you better join me at your own tv screen or visit our house to watch me watching the match.

orange and carrot soup

My entree will be soup made of oranges and carrots.
This is to support the front men of our team. They need to score a few times. How many? At least one more than the Brasilian team !

The main dish will be Fish and Potatoes and Carrots.

Our men have to feel like fish in water, free to live and to score in the opponents goal.
The long carrots are symbolizing long passes to thier team members.
The potatoes are for sturdiness.

My dessert will be orange too.
And even my drinks will be orange juice……

The match is live shown in the Philippines through cable TV. The time 10 PM. This is still a decent time to watch. IF (and they will) they will be winning this one the next match (semi final) will be broadcasted at 2.30 AM which is in the middle of the night here. But I will watch that match too of course, unless ……… there’s no match to see for me anymore.

I know that back home many houses and streets are decorated in orange. I am not like that. Filipino’s might not understand the signs. But my brother, who lives in an ‘enemy’ country named Germany, dares to show who is his favorite team.