When I look at the Expat in the Philippines statistics I can see lots of interesting things about the visitors of this website. One of the things is what operating system they are using on their PC, and what browser they use.
Other parts of the statistics show me the resolution of the screen they are using and lately the number of smaller screens increases a lot. That means that a lot of te visitors of this expat in the Philippines website are using a portable computer or even a I-Phone to contact the site. These statistics are showing that about 18% of all viewers are using a portable pc, tablet pc, iPhone or similar device.

The website in its present old form was created to be shown mainly on desktop computers or laptops with a screen resolution of 1280×1024 or higher and optimised for this.
Now smaller devices are more common and screens are much smaller but in high-resolution websites have to adjust to this.
Expat in the Philippines will not be the first to do so, but for sure not the last.

Coming few days we will be busy to change the layout of the website and optimize the site so viewers with a good quality cell phone can see the content of the site as well.
For those viewing the site through their desktop pc or laptops, not much will change. Just the lay-out of the website will be changed, but functionality will remain the same.

If you experience problems, not loading pages or pictures, or other problems you will see, please let me know through my contact page so I can work on it.
Just a comment on this post can also be done to point me to some problems.

Also let me know what your experiences are with the new design, especially when you are using a portable device.
And I would like to apologise already for the problems you will have, please bear with me in this.