medical expenses are highWhen someone moves to the Philippines, or to other 3rd world countries, it is almost an obligation to have a good health insurance plan. Costs for medical treatment and medicines are high and they will take a lot from your savings or small pension.

i am sick

A few days ago I received an e-mail from a man (Canadian) who was living here in the Philippines.
He wrote me that he was 62 and has never been sick. He is working voluntarily with children somewhere in the Philippines. The man was seeking for help to raise money for medical treatment. Some moths ago he had a surgery on his stomach and this has cost him all his savings.
Now he has had a small heart attack caused by a tumor near the urinary bladder. This tumor needs to be removed but he doesn’t have any money left to pay for it. He doesn’t have any medical insurance. This surgery will cost around 120,000 pesos.
He asked me if there are organizations of charity in the Philippines who are possibly able to help him.
He told me in a second mail that he tried to ask friends and family but he got no for an answer. Also his Canadian Embassy couldn’t help him, because they want the money paid back, and he doesn’t have any.

This is a sad story but reality. I am not writing this story for fun: it really happened that I received this mans e-mail. I am sure there are more expats living in the Philippines or elsewhere who do not have any health insurance.

There are a number of insurance companies in the world. They all would like to have you as a customer. In my earlier post about this subject (check HERE) I gave already a lot of addresses from websites of those companies.
Check them out if you do not have a health insurance yet, or you are planning to live in or visit the Philippines.
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