There are many ways for Filipinos to make a living. Too many to name them all. But one of those is having a Sari-Sari store. All over the country you see those small stores selling things needed daily. Soap and shampoo in small packets, canned fish and meat, softdrinks, cigarettes by the piece and much more. Of course they also offer ‘pasa-load’ for your cell phone.
Here are a few very nice pics of a few of those stores.

sarisari01 sarisari02 sarisari03

Recently I came accross this new variant of a sari-sari store: A driving one. The owner parked his car, not far from Immigration Office in Intramuros, opend the back door and start selling his goods. I am not sure if it is allowed, but probably he is bribing someone to be able to do his business there. I have seen him already twice and he is there every day.