making a living in the Philippines

There are many ways for Filipinos to make a living. Too many to name them all. But one of those is having a Sari-Sari store. All over the country you see those small stores selling things needed daily. Soap and shampoo in small packets, canned fish and meat, softdrinks, cigarettes by the piece and much more. Of course they also offer ‘pasa-load’ for your cell phone.
Here are a few very nice pics of a few of those stores.

sarisari01 sarisari02 sarisari03

Recently I came accross this new variant of a sari-sari store: A driving one. The owner parked his car, not far from Immigration Office in Intramuros, opend the back door and start selling his goods. I am not sure if it is allowed, but probably he is bribing someone to be able to do his business there. I have seen him already twice and he is there every day.

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    • Marvin,
      All three pictures are from SariSari storen as you can find them in smaller villages in the Provinces. In the cities and more crowded areas they have steel bars in front to prevent stealing and robbery. The sarisari stores on the three pictures are from Pioduran Albay in the Bicol region. The place where my wife’s family lives.

      Cute baby you have on your lap !

  1. It’s nice to see those native shanty sari-sari stores in my hometown “Pioduran, Albay”, Actually before my employment with the judiciary I have had a small sari-sari store at home, such a small scale kind of business is so rewarding…everyday you reach a possible income… you are always the boss..household necessities when in scarce is always within your reach…like bath soap, laundry bar, shampoo, pieces of candies, bottle of cola, bread, and other needs. Everyday, out of your gross sales you can buy another kind of goods for sale to gain additional income..until one day you will realized that your days subsistence is from your sari-sari store. You have helped and supported the masses for their daily needs out of their small income which cannot afford them to get the chance to go to department stores or big groceries…. and out of their small income in which no other chance but to patronize your sari-sari store, by all means , you might be given chance to become a big businessman someday!you may never know that! as along as you have patience, a hard worker, tactful, cautious and strong determination, WHY NOT!

    • Hi Nilda,
      Thanks for this valuable information. All my readers from outside the country now have an idea what a ‘sarisari’ store really is.
      Thanks again, and hope to see you soon !!
      Regards, also from Flor

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    • Annika,
      Een echte rooie he? Wordt wel wat lichter als je veel in de zon bent hier.
      Mooie foto.
      Veel succes met je werk hier.

      • Geverfd hoor, heb al weer andere kleur. Bovenstaande kleur was inderdaad erg gebleekt hier. Heb mijn kleur nu aangepast aan de Filipijnen. ;) Veel zon krijg ik hier trouwens niet, veel binnen aan het werk en natuurlijk veel regen gehad.

        • Ja die regen hier dit jaar. Het is erg. Vorig jaar deze tijd was het veel beter. toen was het warm te noemen.
          Zal wel aan de opwarming van de aarde liggen. maar er komen beter maanden aan. Alhoewel, als jij weer terug gaat is het hier echt zomer.