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Sometimes Filipinos are strange people.

They are proud to be a Filipino, but like to live abroad. They do not like their country called a Third World Country, but keep on throwing garbage in the streets and pee everywhere. They love their country a lot, but hate products manufactured in the Philippines.

If they own a car they like the car to have a foreign look, as if they bought it abroad, as if it was imported!

fancy-license-plate-priceFor that reason some clever business people have imported used European License plates, most of them temporary plates, to sell them to Filipino car owners for high prices. Those plates are placed behind the Filipino license plate so only a small part is visible. When you are on the road you must have noticed these double plates on cars.

In two earlier posts I wrote already about it and showed you the pictures of those plates which are available in stores and markets.
See: my first post about license plates and the follow-up post.

Just a few days ago I was in a hardware store, Handyman this time, and suddenly I saw these brand new fake license plates probably produced in the Philippines and sold at a price of almost 700 pesos. No numbers are needed because that part will be covered by the Filipino plate.
The numbers in the orange field should express a date and that is a little difficult with these numbers… ;-)