For those people who would like to learn some Tagalog, the most spoken language in the Philippines, I’ll give some links here where to choose from.
For an expat to be accepted faster in the Philippines it would be best to learn a few phrases and small sentences in Tagalog.

Check on the links below.

Paul Morrow’s excellent site about Philippine history, language, writing, etc (includes a tutorial on how to write with the Tagalog alphabet and free Tagalog fonts): here

Online Tagalog lessons

Other sites about Tagalog

Online Tagalog dictionary

Tagalog Electronic talking dictionaries

Ating Baybayin, an Old Filipino Script

Alibata, Filipino’s Ancient Writing Script

A fascinating introduction to the alphabets of the Philippines by Hector Santos

Information about the Tagalog language

Have fun with it and enjoy the smiling faces when you talk a few words to the Filipino people.