As you know Christmas is the most important holyday in the Philippines. As early as September people start decorating their houses, shops and malls start playing Christmas songs and starting decorating their windows and stores for the upcoming event.
Those people who have visited the Philippines, or live in this country know that Christmas decoration is not always removed right after Christmas but most of the time just after January 6, the holyday of Three Kings.Private houses and smaller shops do not even remove the decor, they just do not lit the lights during the year. Christmas trees and other decorations are stored for the next year right after January 6.

Last Saturday, February 5 we were in Cubao, in AliMall and there I spotted this large window full with angels and a Christmas setting. Have they forgotten to remove it? or do they just leave it untill next Christmas? The most celebrated holyday in this country is only 11 months away…. ;-)