Everybody who has been visiting the Philippines, or is living in this beautiful country has seen them. Mostly young men dressed in a uniform from a cleaning company with a mop in his hand to clean the floors and stairs: the JANITOR. A lot of shops but all malls and restaurants have them. Hired for only one thing: keeping the floor clean. Sometimes they are in the way where shoppers walk, but often they do not mind, or put the well known sign: ‘wet floor’.

Today I was in Santa Lucia East Mall, not far from our house, having coffee in a small coffeeshop. On a certain moment the janitor on duty of this section passed by sweeping the floor a little but more watching the girls passing by.
I had noticed already before that one of the garbage bins has some coffee or other liquids leaking from it. I completely ignored that fact untill this janitor came with his mop. He was wiping a little here and a little there and I was watching him from behind my newspaper and coffee.
At the moment he came close to the garbage bin and saw there were stains on the floor he just gave the bin a kick so it was placed on top of the leaking liquid. Like that it wasn’t that visible anymore. He mopped a little around, not knowing that I saw him doing what he did.  What he also didn’t know was that I noticed that where he was mopping:  the floor stayed dry . . . !
And regular readers of this website know that I (almost) always bring my camera. At this time my camera wasn’t ready yet;  it was still packed into the camera bag, but after I took it out I could make the shots published here.
I was first thinking of reporting him to the management, but I realized it is only a few weeks before Christmas and him being without a job ……. So I just ignored it and took the picture how it was after he left.
I took another picture after I moved the bin a little to show you what I am talking about.

Why is this young man working the way he does? Is it because the low wages these people are paid? Or is it just because he was tired of sweeping whole day? Maybe he didn’t like to make his mop dirty so he had to rinse it and make his hands dirty?
Actually I think it is a matter of wrong attitude: The guy needs a job, maybe he even has a college degree, but has problems finding a better paid job, and just accepted this one to stay alive ….. ??
Who knows, and I haven’t asked him.

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