Recently the DOT (Department of Tourism) launched its new campaign to attract more tourists to the Philippines. Just like two years ago they have brainstormed about a suitable slogan.

pinas_polandTwo years ago they have copied the colorful logo from an earlier and similar campaign in Poland. Much was said about this copying during that time. And I wrote part of a post about it. You can read it here: DOT campaign.
switzerlandThis time they copied again, not a logo but the slogan used in Switzerland in the 50’s of last century. And again many people on the Internet and in newspapers are talking about it. The slogan is: It’s more fun in the Philippines (without exclamation mark / point).

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At the same time many pictures appeared on the internet to promote the campaign, but also to show the real situation in the Philippines.
With this post I would like to show you MY WAY of how funny (or cruel) the Philippines sometimes is. Many of the pictures on the Internet have double meanings or make fun of the situation.
I have selected a few of those pictures, added new ones and publish them here to show you how I think about the campaign and what the government could improve to make the Philippines really worth visiting so tourists will say: It’s more fun in the Philippines.

With thanks to all the publishers of these pictures.
Click on one to see a larger one.

Between the pictures I will add a few comments so readers from abroad, who haven’t visited the Philippines yet, will get a good idea about the situation in the Philippines if they haven’t read my earlier posts and seen the pictures I published in the last few years.

First a few good ones that show the nice side of the Philippines:

beautiful beaches, sun and clear water


dancing traffic enforcers


dancing traffic enforcers


staring tarsiers in Bohol

chocolate bar called Filipino
christmas-treeimprovised Christmas Tree changing-address
an idea for relocation
beautiful nature all over the 7000+ islands
Some about Filipino politics:
senatorsMiriam Defensor Santiago is the only senator who dares to name names family-planning
Catholic Church against the RH-bill (reproductive health bill)
Now some (maybe) less attractive pictures, but still typical Filipino, FOOD
a variety of street food
a variety of street food
balut, a Filipino delicacy
lechon, served on many Filipino parties
About transportation, typical Filipino and sometimes to laugh about, often not:
family-transportfamily transport public-transport-1
public jeepney transport
traffic in Manila or any other large city
urinalpublic urinal
Filipino way of life:
Filipino Time
funeral wake’s are fun with gambling, drinking and karaoke
24/7 service
crowd surfing = many wounded, even dead
forbidden-pee-ingpeeing in public is a common behavior child-pee
peeing in public is a common behavior, learned when they are young
peeing in public is a common behavior
taking-a-bathcan you take a bath in public and keep your clothes on?
For improvement by the population and the government are the next issues:
Cock fighting is cruel and should be forbidden
dirty Manila Bay during a storm
brown-out is not funny and takes too much time
gambling and drinking is a big problem in the Philippines
Housing of the poor
Slum areas where the very poor live
People are relocated by the government, but they keep on coming back
And a few others I found, worth showing you:
new generation Youth needs to be told about respect
noontime shows have almost naked women
flooded roads looks like fun, but is NOT
overcrowded hospitals
searching for plastics and other waste for recycling
real-fun-in-the-philippinesand a really funny to close this series

There are many more pictures on the Internet, some nice and many with a critical tone. Judge for yourself.