Santa is bringing gifts to lots of people in the world every Christmas. It is a long tradition and will never stop I think.
For this year however I would like to ask him if he is planning to come to my house he doesn’t have to. I’d rather have him send one of those georgeous helpers. I only do not know if my wife will agree with that !!!
Maybe if they also do some cleaning and washing our clothes she’ll let them in…..
But this is a just a thought of me …..

I found those pretty girls in Mall of Asia a few days ago. And they were willing to pose for my camera. After that they would like to sell their stuff to me but after I asked for the prices of their items ….. No Way !!!
800 pesos for a small Christmas bread, with raisins and stuffed with a kind of sweet grounded almonds and covered with powder sugar ….. Not in 800 years…. But the girls may replace Santa this year if it’s up to me.