manila-mapWhen someone visits Manila as a tourist, it is sometimes hard to find your way in this city. You need an experienced (and honest) taxidriver or a guide to visit some interesting places.

I have just found an interesting site for people who want to visit (greater) Manila and do not know how to go to certain places. The site offers good information how to go to many places, areas and malls with information about public transport and how to go there by private car. A map of the area is also included.

Here’s the link to that page: Metro Manila Directions.
If you click on the top right link “index” on that page you will get a list of several interesting areas and places. Right under the header of the page you will find links to interesting areas in the big city.
There’s even a good page about the so called ‘color coding’ in the Manila Area: days on which you are not allowed to drive your own car in certain areas.
The 3 light rail routes available (can be compared to the Underground or Metro trains) in Manila are also there with a list of stations and their surrounding areas and streets. Veru usefull.

If you know of some other interesting places which are not mentioned on the website you can contact the editor and suggest them to him. It is still a new website but already quite complete.