In my first post about this subject I told you already about several things, typical Filipino. Here are some more.

Reasoning and Logic

reasoning and logic

The Filipino way of reasoning and logic is very hard to understand. They will tend to do things that can irritate the Western visitor. Filipinos as a nation are very interdependent; but you will always see them together in groups rather than on their own. That’s why the sight of a Western tourist on his own and wandering around is rather strange for them, since not to have a companion or be in a group is pretty bad luck and considered very sad, almost as one without family.
The western way of thinking about things does not work in the Philippines. The reasoning when addressing problems in the Philippines is foreign to the western visitor. Most filipinos are very smart and intelligent and can ease themselves out of many hard situations. If they want to, they have very imaginative ways of extorting what they want from you without too much trouble. Filipinos appear to be totally illogical to the Western tourist.
If you propose a plan of action to a Filipina don’t give her too much time to think about it, because if you does, she will consult with a whole lot of tita’s, tito’s, ate’s, kuya’s friends and relatives who suddenly appear from nowhere and together they will decide on what is best to do. The longer you give her the longer she consults. This narrows down the chance of the response being in your favour.




To the Filipino the practicalities of personal survival mean that Filipinos tend to be more practical than sentimental. Remember, this is a country that has terrible poverty so they can’t really afford to be as sentimental as you might be. If a Filipino can’t spend it, sell it, eat it, wear it, live in it, or ride in it, they don’t want it. That old keepsake, that your mother gave you and you passed it down to her, isn’t much good to them unless of course it has a real value in the world market, such as gold. Forget about things of historical value, or sentimental value.
Sentimental mementos of your ex wives or girlfriends are a strange sight to a Filipina and I suggest you never bring them with you. Don’t store them at home. She will never understand why you have them since now you have her! Why would you want them?

Borrowing and Lending

borrowing and lending

In the Philippines, the word ‘borrow’ isn’t much different from the word ‘give’. If you hear requests for borrowing in the Philippines don’t expect to get it back. If a Filipino borrows anything from you, most of the time you won’t get it back. If you give something to a Filipino, it is exactly that: a non-returnable gift. If you do attempt to ask for it, you will be derided by her, her friends and relatives as Kuripot (stingy). They might even get angry with you for asking it back. Most genuine nice girls will be reluctant to do this unless you are their partner, or future marriage partner. And if they do it is because they are forced to ask you by their family.

Here and Now

here and now

Generally speaking most filipinos are today’s people. They live on what they make every day, and take each day as it comes. They do not think very far into the future. Unless they are saving for a house, short term gain is very important to them. That’s why this way of living is much better for them, than future promises. The old saying “One bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” seem very poignant here. Filipinos will take you at your word until you prove otherwise, and it’s easy to brake their faith in your word. Filipinos will listen carefully to what you promise to do. If you promise to fly and you do not do it, or promise to send money and don’t do it, they won’t believe much else you say from that moment on. Remember they live per day and money is number 1 in the Philippines, they will only look at one thing: what you are doing and what you are delivering for them now.

Food and Eating

eating and food

eating and food

It wont take you very long to discover that Filipinos have a general obsession with eating. When a Filipino is hungry, that is the main pre-occupation on their mind, they will be gradually irritated if you don’t attend to this within the next 5 minutes. Its not good to say: “Can’t you wait until later?”, they most definitely can not! Whilst a westerner is used to getting by on 2 to 3 main meals a day, a Filipino cannot live that way. They will tend to eat smaller portions, but more of them. They will eat just about anytime they get hungry, which is quite often during the day. It is considered to be a very healthy way of life. Look at your Filipina girlfriend, she probably isn’t fat or overweighted. Look at most western 40 plussers, they are generally overweight. A Filipina can go into a childlike whine if she is not fed at the right time. The right time is any time she is hungry. If she is not immediately fed and watered, she can make your day intolerable and you will be seen as Kuripot (stingy) and not very nice.
A common joke among foreigners is: Filipinas are eating, or talking about food; all the time. And that is mostly true.


Filipinos are able to go for long periods without sleep. Sometimes they rise at obscene hours in the morning to go to their work. Having said that they can fall asleep just about anywhere. Some Filipinos amaze me, in that they can go to the cinema just to fall asleep. If a Filipina is asleep, don’t worry, just let her; they don’t spend money at that time, and they are helping you to minimize your expenses whilst on Holiday.



A foreign guy once told an other one that his Filipina girlfriend was either wanting to go to the cinema, eating snacks or sleeping in the room. The second one replied: “You’re lucky; mine is either shopping at Glorietta’s (Expensive designer shopping mall in Makati!), eating at Illongo grill, or shopping for jewelry, bags, or shoes!”
Tip Its not a bad thing to let your Filipina companion sleep, eat or watch TV: when she sleeps she is happy, when she eats she is happy, and when she shops she is happy. Do you want to be around her, if she is not happy? A not happy Filipina is something which can be very irritating for you!
To Be Continued

and here is part three of how filipinos are !!