Continuation from Hi, I’m Emily part 2
Here in the Philippines I have met a few other species of my kind. They are not that smart like me, but they are nice. Although sometimes they are annoying and asking for food whole day. I cannot understand why they do not have their own servants. I do not like them to come inside our house, but I allow them to be on the premises near one of the gates. Flor is putting some food there after lunch. The left overs from the table, mixed with some rice.

blondina blondina2 guarding friends

Just like the so called ‘friendly cats’ from the neighborhood, I do not like other living creatures in or around my house. A few examples are those creepy lizards. They often walk on the ceiling where I cannot reach them, but once they dare to come down, they are MINE to play with.
Other creatures I do not like are the cockroaches, because they are not funny to play with. The moment I got them and turn them on their back they do not move anymore. It seems to me that they are dead, so no fun anymore and I leave them alone.

emily_sleeping_bed butiki with a new tail on the look-out for lizards lizard707_resize

As I told you before, everything in this house belongs to ME, and me alone, so it is not that I am confiscating things, I just use them…. One example: they were leaving a basket on the table back in Holland. I used it to take a nap. The same basket has also been brought here, and you do not believe it, but I still fit in it and I still use it to nap or even sleep.

my_basket confiscated_bread_basket emily_sleeping emily_watching_neighborhood

It might be clear to all of you that I rest and sleep wherever I want, and the way I want. I have a few favorite positions to sleep. Spreading my leggs is one of them. Like I said before it is ME who is the boss in this house. And no-one else.

resting favorite_position strange position sitting_on_car

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