blikIn my effort to understand the Filipino language and the Filipinos in particular, I still have lots of problems with the expression: hainakuh ! It is also written on other ways, but this is the most common way.

There are many t-shirts available in shops with this expressive text, but no one can give me a clear explanation what exactly it means. According to my better half it has many meanings depending on the context.
It varies from: It’s a pity to What now?

One detail is that the logo comes from the Dutch beer Heineken and is used to make these t-shirts. I do not like Heineken beer, and never have. My beer in the Philippines is San Miguel pale Pilsen. But that’s aside the point.

The reason I am writing this post is that Heineken is a Dutch brand and I am Dutch. For that reason I noticed that Filipinos are using the logo for one of their expressions to be printed on t-shirts. As you can see the pictures are similar, even the used colors.
All original texts of the logo have been changed into (funny) Filipino.

Here’s what I could read and I would like to ask your help in translating this into understandable English.
The text reads from top to bottom:

tengene nemen ehi
Heinakuh grabe dear
ubos na polutan ko magsara ka tayo
trade mock
Hindi pa ako lasing, pangit pa tung chicks ko ehi
.ile out .ai ituloy na lang matim sa banay
wala nang beeer
hasslemuch, di pa ako tinatamaan.

It would be nice if you (my Filipino friends and readers) would like to help me in this.
I am waiting for your reply, even parts of it.
tshirt-print Heinakuh - heineken