A few days ago we were in Marikina with?a Brittish-Filipino couple. While going around we wanted to drink?something and take a little rest.?We went to Pan de Amerikana, a restaurant,?bread shop and?cafe in Marikina, barangay Conception Dos.

pan amerikana entrance

The place is?founded?in 1950?as a bake shop where you can buy several kinds of fresh baked bread and pandesal. It has developed in a restaurant where one can have breakfast and lunch and even an early dinner. (closing time daily at 7 PM) They still sell the high quality pandesal and bread.
Outside of the restaurant the decor is a windmill. Why a windmill ?? I do not know.
The interior can best be described as very surprising. It is a kind of jungle garden with a pond containing several gold fish and koi. Many live plants and nice ornaments decorating the place. You have to see for your self. There are many tables tyo serve the customers, they even have a kind of easy chairs for just relaxing.
One wall is made of glass with plants behind and in front of it. Along the glass water is running?if?it is a waterfall.? It has a stage where a band can play and my estimate is that?the?place?can accomodate? 200 or more?people.

pan amerikana interior

The place is also known in the area as a chess playing facility. Many tables have a chess board as their surface.?Chess sets are widely available for the customers. The dance floor in front of the stage has black and white tiles in the shape of a chess board.?A large?chess set?is available and that?is what we used to play a?game. On the picture my friend Peter and me?in the middle of the game.

Peter and me playing giant chess

A good mug of brewed coffee costs only 15 pesos, a fresh fruit shake only 20 pesos. A wide variety of breakfast and lunch dishes for very affordable prices. You will be surprised about the quality!

I have used a few pictures from Marikenya.com ?because my own camera run out of power.

pan amerikana interior

How to get there?

PAN DE AMERIKANA ? near World of Butterflies, along Gen. Ordo?ez St., SSS Village, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City,? Contact Nos.: 9340667 or 4752398

From Cubao, ride a jeepney or FX going to SSS Village, Marikina then get down at Bay Tree, SSS Village. Ride a tricyle from there to the place. Open from 6am to 7pm every day except Sundays 7am to 3pm.

pan amerikana openings