hacker attemptYesterday and the day before yesterday (May 24 and 25, 2012) a hacker has been busy trying to attack this website. Luckily Expat in the Philippines is well protected by a safe login (I think) and safe passwords (I think). So the hacker attempt was not successful.
Hacking this website will be difficult, but I am not saying impossible.
I change login and password from time to time to make it extra difficult for hackers.

hacker attemptThe used IP address was which belongs to one of the universities of the UK. The IP address is registered in the name of:
person: Barry Jackson
address: Committee of Vice-Chancellors & Principals (CVCP)
address: 29 Tavistock Square
address: London
address: WC1H 9EZ
address: United Kingdom
phone: +44 171 387 9231
fax-no: +44 171 388 8649

If the hacker is one of the students or one of the staff or maybe someone from the IT department of the university, it is just guessing from my part. I have tried to find email addresses but could not find what I am looking for. So I decided to post it here. Maybe one of my readers in the UK is willing to help me and can provide me with some email addresses from the head of ICT or other influential persons.

In more than 140 attacks the hacker tried to enter the website with the admin login name. Of course this login doesn’t work, at least not on my site. Funny is that he or she didn’t try any other login name. What he or she tried were more than 100 different passwords.
Numbers were tried, letter combinations, and combinations of them. Also complete words and small sentences like: fuckyou, iloveyou, letmein and many others even names.

The first attempt was: 2012-05-24 07:56:40 and the last 2012-05-25 04:59:58. (registered by the plug-in I am using, I guess the time is Philippine time, so minus 7 hours for UK time).
Every 10 to 15 minutes there was a new attempt to break in. But he or she did not succeed.

Let this be a lesson for other website owners. Use a strong login and password to protect your website, and use good tools and programs to keep the door closed to unwanted visitors.


everybody else is very welcome




Article Name
hacker attempt on expat in the philippines website
a hacker attempt to get into the backside of this website, was NOT successful. This website uses a strong log-in and password.