Guyabano (labana), also called Soursop in English, is a delicious fruit from the tropics. Originating from the Amazone region, it was brought to the Philippines and nowadays grows in a lot of gardens.
Guyabano belongs to my favorite fruits in the Philippines.
ripe guyabano See my post HERE
If you have the chance to try this fruit, you realy should. You will not regret it.
This green fruit has a lot of prickles, but are not sharp. The peeling is thin, just 2 mm. The fruit is ready to be eaten when the fruit feels soft inside. The ripe fruit has a nice smell which is hard to describe. The fruit is from about 10 cm until 30 cm and can weigh 2 kg’s or more. In a refrigerator the almost ripe fruit can be kept for a few days.
Once ripe, better eat it immediately. Wash the fruit first, and cut it in half from the stem to the top. Eventually in smaller pieces.
The taste is creamy sweet with a little nice soft sourness at the end. The tast also reminds me of sweet juicy pears eaten back in Holland. The over-ripe fruit has a little bitter taste.
It has dark brown to black seads which are about 1 cm big. And they contain a kind of poison. So if you eat Guyabano do not bite them and do not swallow them.
guyabano tree with fruit
The fruits and other parts of this tree seem to be a good cure for several kinds of cancer. You can find enough information about it on Wikipedia and HERE.