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One of the things a tourist in the Philippines must see is the Greenhills Shopping Centre in San Juan, Metro Manila. The shopping center is located along Ortigas Avenue. Every taxi driver knows how to go there. The area is very large and it is easy to get lost or loose your companion in the busy and sometimes narrow lanes. To see the whole area will cost you several hours or maybe more than a day.

In the center of the area is a small park with large trees, an perfect place to meet eachother after shopping around. The shopping center further consists of several malls, of which one is a luxurious one: called “The Shops”, an other one has narrow alleys and has only fashion shops, a third one is a mixture of everything. A special Shoe arcade is also available. There is also a large supermarket next to the first mall with many imported food items. Many restaurants (from cheap to expensive, fast food and a-la-carte) can be found around the shopping center and inside the malls. Check the plan on the pictures at the start of this post.
But the most attractive for tourists is the shopping arcade (tiangge) which consists of hundreds of small stalls (some not larger than 8 x 8 feet, 2 x 2 meter). In these stalls you will find fashion items like dresses, t-shirts, underwear and much more. One part of the arcade is predominantly pearls and other jewelry. I haven’t counted the number of stalls selling pearls and the like, but it must be 100 or more. There is a smaller area where to find food and drinks when you get hungry.
On the second floor you will find more than 100 stalls, all selling something with cell phones, cell phone repair, and download stalls wher they sell pirated DVD’s, downloaded software and more.

While strolling around a few days ago I have seen and listen some time to birds singing there. Click to hear and see these birds singing in an AVI file (less than 1,3 Mb; 10 seconds).

When you are shopping in the arcade remember that, unless marked, prices go up for white people and other tourists. So do not forget to bargain for the prices, even the marked ones. It is a kind of sport to pay as little as possible.

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greenhills arcade children amusement cell phone area view from second level
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