Coming monday, January 4, my wife Flor and I are going to Pioduran, Albay. We are going to celebrate the 95th birthday of my father-in-law on January 6, and my own 60th birthday January 7.
Already several times we have celebrated our birthdays together, and there’s no reason to change it.
My father-in-law is expecting us to go there and we will not dissapoint him. He is still in good health for his age. His hearing and his sight are giving him little problems, but that’s all.
maybe I’ll be able to go to Legaspi to see the Mayon Volcano. The alert level has been lowered so the most spectacular images cannot be made anymore. But I will try to shoot some pictures of it.

We will stay there for a week and I am not sure if I can answer e-mail or check my website regularely. But I will do my best to get on-line from time to time. So be patient and come back to see my post about this trip.
I will drive myself all the way (almost 600 km, one way) and I’ll try to do it in one day. So there will be not much time to shoot pictures on the way going there.