daring bagKnowing the Philippine behavior in copying a lot from other countries, it is just a matter of time when the Philippine establishments will have funny packing bags as well.
As an expat, and living in the Philippines, people from all over the world send me emails containing pictures, stories jokes and more of that stuff. Much of it I read and smile, and sometimes I receive something worth publishing.
I realize that this has not much to do with the Philippines, I just wanted to show you and the Philippines this ‘funny’ business development.
A few days ago a friend send me some pictures of shopping bags available in Europe and USA. I admire the designers for such good ideas, and the shops for daring to produce them and hand them to the customers.

Knowing Filipino culture it wont take long for them to have something similar. Or is the Philippines not ready yet for these -often naughty- kind of shopping bags?

daring plastic bag self defense bag health freak bag cruel shopping bag
naughty bag car bag wwf support bag child support bag
shopping bag support bag protest bag nail biters bag
funny shopping bag shopping bag sportive plastic bag very daring plastic bag

and my favorite is:
favorite shopping bag