Funny Filipino writings

Taglish is the name of the common street-language used in the Philippines. It is a mixture of Tagalog and English. This makes this langauge sometimes difficult to understand, but it makes it most of the times funny to read.toilet-sign

The picture (near a public toilet facility) says: E hi = just a pee: 1 peso,  Tae =  empty one’s bowels : 2 pesos

Many Filipino’s make mistakes in writing, especially when making sign boards. One of my friends in Facebook (my facebook site HERE) posted a You-Tube link with funny signs.

Or what to think of this sign board:

repair sign

And this tv add is also very funny:

Some time ago on Filippine TV an advertisement was shown:

In the 30-second spot for the indigestion drug Motilium, Obama, played by an Indonesian look-alike, is shown having dinner at the presidential palace with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, played by a male comedian. Arroyo feeds Obama a Filipino dish called “kare-kare” (oxtail and tripe stewed in peanut sauce, with a side dish of “bagoong alamang” or shrimp paste). “It’s oks,” a beaming Arroyo reassures Obama. For dessert, she treats him to a serving of sweet corn in coconut milk. “It’s corn but we use our coconut,” she tells him, playing on the Filipino expression “use your coconut,” meaning to use one’s head.

The dishes prove too much for Obama: indigestion sets in, he almost keels over, his bodyguards franctically check him out. In the spot’s funniest moment, a worried Arroyo literally glides from one end of the long table toward Obama, screeches to a hilarious halt, and orders that he be given Motilium, an over-the-counter drug for indigestion. Arroyo then offers a relieved Obama “kape barak,” a play on “kape barako,” a type of local strong coffee.

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    • maybe a suggestion for our new President Aquino: put aligators in all creeks and canals. Maybe people will not throw all kind of garbage in them anymore.

      • I’ll sympathize with that suggestion my friend but you know fellow Filipinos might bribe the crocs which makes things worse probably,almost everything and everybody here accepts it so what else can i say. Maybe one day i’ll write about Filipino values here to give you a better outlook about Filipino way of thinking.

        • Miles,
          Would be a good idea to give us a Filipino view on their own way of thinking. It might help us, foreigners, to understand Filipinos and their culture better.

          • Yeah, i’ll come up with an article on that topic after i’ll finish with the ones i’m working on right now.

  1. Hi, I had tummy cramps laughing over your posts. I’d like to share this one I took in Ilocos Norte on our way to a local beach.

    Subli-Subli translated literally in Tagalog is Balik-Balik. They probably mean a resort you’d like to visit again and again. Anyway, business hours break the record of any in the world, LOL! plus its “Morantic!”