Once in a while a car gets a flat tire. So also our car.
We have changed the tire for the spare one and tried to find out the next step. We were told to go to a vulcanizing shop and have the tire fixed. The term ‘vulcanizing shop’ is typical Philippines. I have never seen it in Europe or America.

So we did stop by a place where the sign said: ‘tire service’.
And ‘YES’ they were able to fix the tire for only 60 pesos per hole.
After unloading the defective wheel they pumped it full and checking it in a basin filled with water. There they saw that there were bubbles coming on only one specific place. Further investigation shows that there was a small nail in it causing the flat tire.
Our tire is tubeless, like most of the tires these days. They just removed the tire from the wheel, removed the nail and scraped and sandpapered the inside a little. After that they cleaned it with some cleanser. Now they are putting a kind of rubber sticker on the hole and put the tire in a hot press where the ‘vulcanizing’ process takes place. After 5 minutes it is done and the tire will be put on the wheel again, filled with air and checked again for punctures in the water basin.
No more holes of course, it was only one small one. The guy was even asking if he should put the wheel on the car again, which we didn’t want. We are going to use this wheel now as our spare one.
After paying 60 pesos we were finished and could go home again. The whole procedure took about 15 to 20 minutes.