Finding employment in the Philippines is difficult. It is for Filipinos, but even more for foreigners. Wages are low, compared to US or European standards. And there is the Philippine law about hiring employees.
Companies in the Philippines are allowed to hire foreigners but only if that same job cannot be done by a Filipino. This means that if a company needs someone with special skills, and people with those skills are not available among Filipinos, they are allowed to hire a foreigner.
On the other hand companies prefer to hire Filipinos because they do not have to pay them large salaries.
Employment conditions are not the same as you will have back home. There is no such thing as a labor law which states how many hours a day you have to work or how many days off you have.
Aside from that, if a foreigner likes to have a job, this foreigner first needs a working permit. Most foreigners coming to the Philippines only have a tourist visa. They do not get a working permit unless they get a permanent resident visa. To get a permanent resident visa there are a few possibilities.
1, You need to be married to a Filipino / Filipina, to get a so called 13a visa which includes a working permit.
2, You can “buy” yourself a retirement visa (SRRV) by putting a large sum in a bank or by investing a large sum in the Philippines.
3, A company wants to hire you and has legal reasons for it. They will take care for your working permit. This is called a 9g visa.
Check HERE for different visa possibilities in the Philippines. You may also visit the local Philippine Embassy (or their website)for details.
@3: The way of getting employed in the Philippines is an assignment from a foreign company to go to the Philippines. Large multinationals do that like Shell, Unilever, some hotel companies and others.

To earn money in the Philippines you can also start your own business. If you are a computer programmer, or photographer or have some other skills like business consultant, that you can work from home, it would be possible to do that here in the Philippines. Even if your clients are in the US or Europe, the Philippines has a good internet system (in larger cities only) with broadband connections. Most of those jobs can be done from here. And there is no working permit necessary. Do not hesitate to ask for more information, but remember that I am not able to help you find a job here.