If there is something an expat in the Philippines should get used to, it is the Phenomenon “Philippine Time‘, ‘Filipino time‘ or ‘Juan Time‘.
Filipino time is the habit of Filipinos by always showing up late, wherever they have to go. Not only in family gatherings like weddings, baptismals and the like, but also on official gatherings and meetings.
Filipinos even show up late in their jobs and sometimes not at all.

Filipino TimeIt is strange to see that Filipinos, when abroad, are not having this phenomenon of always being late. The habit of being late abroad is only been seen with people who think they are important or from a higher class and only in ‘Filipino gatherings’. Abroad, in meeting with other people (non-Filipinos) they are always on time.

Being late 1 hour or even more is normal for Filipinos and for some reason they do not seem to care. They often blame the traffic, but in my eyes that is a lame excuse. Leaving the house in time to be ahead of time would be much better.

Last week Flor and I have made some appointments to view a few houses we were interested in. From the four appointments we have made only the first house we have actually seen. The second house, the owner didn’t show up within the time frame we had set, and we left the place after some time.
After that and after lunch we had an appointment to see two houses with an agent. Those two we also didn’t see because the agent run much too late and a friend of the agent who supposed to replace her was also much too late.
All together more or less a wasted day, lots of frustration on our part, wasted diesel and no house yet.

Lucky there are many more houses for sale. Coming Saturday we try to go again and see a few more, on a tight schedule, but very doable …. If someone is not showing up in time: we will leave the place and do not contact the person again.
I might live in the Philippines, but I refuse to accept Filipino time.

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Filipino Time and how I hate it
If there is something an expat in the Philippines should get used to, it is the Phenomenon "Philippine Time, but it is hard to get used to.