When you go to the markets in the Philippines and also on other places like Greenhills in Manila, you can buy clothing and shoes and handbags from all well known (and expensive) brands like Gucci, Lacoste and Jordans, just to name a few; for very low prices. For that low prices they cannot be real brand products, but have to be fake, pirated. I have been wondering where all these products are made; would it be local or imported.

Just surfing over the net I came on a website where you can post something. One of the posts was a email from a factory in China offering all kinds of clothes of well known brands, shoes, handbags, toys, electrical equipment and a lot more.
I was checking the website mentioned in this ‘post’ and didn’t find prizes but hundreds, no thousands of products from well known brands. Among them Handbags, shoes, clothing, barbi dolls, I-Phone, PSP and many more products.

In that mail they are offering the following prizes:
Wholesale : price is: (Including transport costs )
Sport shoes : USD29-34/PR
Handbag : USD29/PC
Clothes : USD10-45/PC
Cellular telephone: USD175?210/PC

Reading this and checking the site I can not believe these are real product and must be the famous fake ones which are forbidden to sell in Europe and America, but here in the Philippines and maybe also in other countries it seems to be allowed !!!!
You can check by yourself on this link: HERE