knolselderijBeing an Expat in the Philippines sometimes is difficult. Especially when you like to eat some food which normally only is available in your home country. And I like to cook from time to time my own Dutch food. Some specific Dutch dishes cannot be made in the Philippines because the right ingredients are not available. But today I was lucky to find something I’ve been longing for a long time.

selderij_0My dearest and I went to Santis Delicacies in Makati (Yakal street) and found one of the main ingredients to make Snert (a Dutch pea soup). The ingredient is celeriac or knolselderij in Dutch. Wikipedia link: It is imported from Europe probably and it is very expensive. We bought one piece of almost 700 grams at 631 pesos (915 pesos per kg). Other necessary ingredients are not that difficult to get but are sometimes rare in this country, like Leeks. There are vegetables available here they call leeks but actually they are a kind of big spring onions. We bought leeks already a few weeks ago when we have seen them and put them in the freezer. The same with the dried green split peas (dried green peas, cover removed and split in halves).
One other side ingredient for Snert is rookworst ( a kind of smoked sausage), but this one is never imported unless a visitor from Holland is coming to the Philippines to bring us some. But we can do without it. It’s just an extra add-on to the soup.
So we will prepare Snert today or tomorrow. Wikipedia link for SNERT

witlofOne other vegetable I have been wanting to eat for a long time is Witlof (chicory or Belgian endive).
Wikipedia link for Chicory
I bought only one piece, enough to make me a salad out of it which is my preferred way of eating this vegetable. It is imported from Australia and cost 1198 pesos a kilo. For the one piece of 150 grams I paid 182 pesos. I will have this for dinner tonight together with some grounded beef and mashed potatoes.

Luckily I have a side job which gives me the extra funds to buy this kind of food from time to time. From my little pension I cannot afford to buy these expensive items. See my post about my work.