More than a week ago two typhoons hit the Philippines again and only a few days was in between them. First it wat Pedring followed by Quiel. The names are the Filipino names given to typhoons entering the Philippine Area of Responsability.
Pedring’s¬†international name is Nesat and hit september 27 2011, exactly 2 years and 1 day after Ondoy left a big part of the Philippines flooded and killed many. Pedring also killed several people and brought so much rain that a big part of the Philippines, the provinces Bulacan and Pampanga a little north from the Manila Area, are flooded and many people had to seek for shelter in evacuation places. Schools and other large buildings are used to temporarily give those people a roof and a place to sleep safely.
Quiel, with international name Nalgae hit the Philippines september 30 and October 1. This time the typhoon passed a little more north but left a lot of rain in the same area. Even in Manila it was raining that much that several streets and areas were flooded as well.

So far around 90 people were killed during these two typhoons and still around 25 are missing, but it is said that the flooded area wouldn’t be dry for a month. In normal times this area of Bulacan and Pampanga is green, everywhere you are looking. All rice fields. The Philippine government has calculated and estimated the damage on rice, infrastructure and properties around 10 billion pesos.
The pictures I am showing here we took when we had to go to Angeles last Wednesday. My wife took them while I was driving on the NLEX high way looking into western direction.

Just like two years ago, when Ondoy hit the Philippines badly, all news broadcasts are showing the villages where people have to walk through waist-high water and sometimes higher to go from one place to another. Thinking that this situation still can last a few weeks…….