Fort Bonifacio in Taguig, Metro Manila supposed to be THE place to go for fine dining. Flor and I do not like to spend that much on dining, we usually look for other places with good food and for affordable prices. But that’s not the reason for this story.

Last week we were walking in the Fort when I suddenly spotted this window of a Chinese restaurant. When I saw this window I immediately thought of  some small local chinese restaurants in some back streets in Hong Kong when we visited that city some years ago. The smell in these streets was not the best and the windows were dirty and difficult to look inside the places. This window on the picture is not appealing to me, and to go inside and have a meal there? I do not know about you, my dear readers, but even if I was very hungry and this one was the only restaurant in the world, I wouldn’t like to go in there.

The same goes for the restrooms of a restaurant. As a former waiter in expensive restaurants back in Europe I know that hygiene is one of the most important things in restaurants. A restroom of a restaurant is a kind of calling card. If the restroom is not clean and fresh, how would the kitchen be? And do you like to eat in such place? For that reason I always check the restroom of a restaurant first before ordering.