daredevilry, recklessness, foolhardiness, and temerity in the Philippines


would you do this on a 40 story building without protection?

I am not sure how to call this: daredevilry, recklessness, foolhardiness, or temerity, but one thing is for sure: it is STUPID.
As an Expat in the Philippines I notice many strange things, and many times I am reporting about it.
A colleague blogger: “The Travelling Fool” currently spends some time in Manila and spotted someone working on a high spot on an other hotel. The man is not wearing any protection in case he is making a fall of about 40 stories. Maybe he is sure nothing will happen to him? Or maybe this is a proof that life is almost worthless in the Philippines.
Interested to see more pictures of this man?
See the whole story on the website of The Travelling Fool

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  1. Jan,
    I sincerely believe that most Filipinos (men and women) aren’t aware of the dangers that face them every day. Many of them grow up without receiving proper instructions on safety and healthy living. When my wife (a Filipino) first came to America 5 years ago, she was a danger to herself and to me. I mean, she did some pretty stupid things without thinking. We’d be traveling down the road (with me driving), and out-of-the-blue she would shout out about something while pointing with her lips to get my attention to it. To her, overhead work didn’t require a ladder. Just stack enough buckets or boxes or chairs on top of each other and starting climbing. Thank goodness, she has since learned to practice safety first.

    • Ben, I believe you, Look at common Filipino families they have plastic chairs all over the place. Broken or not, they stand on it and keep on using them. Lucky many Filipinos are not that heavy ….
      And the self-made ladders they use in construction sites? I do not dare using them..

  2. As a Safety Director for my company in the USA and as a person that has traveled the Philippines on more than one occasion I have seen first hand the situation that your article refers to. Sadly, this type of behavior still exists in the USA. People routinely work on the roofs of their homes without any thought of fall protection.

    I have seen with my eyes electrical wiring in the Philippines that made me shudder in disbelief.

    But the sad truth of the matter is, if that man would have refused to do that job then he would have been replaced with another man and would have to go home and explain to his family why he has no wages. There is always someone who will do the job no matter the risks involved.